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If you’re getting a win32k sys blue screen error message, then note down any changes you’ve made to your computer recently. Usually adding or even removing hardware can cause this problem.

Device Drivers are your computer’s way of talking to hardware. A suspected conflicting device driver can be uninstalled quite easily without causing harm to your computer.

If this doesn’t fix it, run some diagnostics tools on your computer’s memory and hard drive. Faulty RAM or a hard drive that’s on its last legs can also be the cause. In addition you should check if your hard drive is making any unusual noises.

If diagnostics report nothing unusual then make sure that you’ve got the latest service pack installed and your BIOS is running up to date. XP users may see the win32k.sys blue screen of death when controlling menus in certain applications, using the keyboard. This can cause a dynamic loop in which the application simultaneously creates and deletes files causing the error.

A corrupt win32k.sys file can be fixed quite easily by renaming and removing the old file and replacing it with a new one. This can be done through the recovery console which is usually accessed from the installation CD that your computer came with. On some machines you can access it from the boot menu if it has been preinstalled.

A word of warning: Don’t attempt to make any changes to your computer without backing up data first. Manual changes that you do make could result in irreversible damage (worse case scenario) and loss of data. It’s always better to leave this kind of stuff to a trained PC technician or someone who knows what they’re doing.

Another potential cause for the win32k.sys stop code is a corrupt Virtual Memory. This can be enabled or disabled by going into:

My Computer> Properties> Advanced> Performance> Advanced> Virtual Memory.

After making changes you will have to restart your computer.

This article does not intend to cover every possible scenario for the win32k sys BSOD. If you plan to make changes to your computer, you do so at your own risk. Good luck.

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