Screen errors: Simple Tips on How to Fix Them

Windows users are familiar with the uncommon Blue Screen of Death or simply known as BSOD. This is an error page that comprises of texts that are confusing and cannot be understood by the user. The background of the op up is peacock blue. It is very embarrassing it comes when you are not expecting it. The system will reboot and you cannot avoid losing the work in the system. This is the worst thing that you cannot wish to happen when in the office or with your personal computer. You can be lucky if the problem will not reoccur after the reboot but most of the time it appears frequently until when you get irritated and realize that they must be an issue with your system.

BSOD appears when windows undergoes a very serious problem and cannot recover without making the operations in the system to come into a stop. This appears after the diagnosis has be automatically been carried out and a blue screen error will be seen on the screen. However, in the latest versions of windows, the remained system memory till the pint of the error will be saved in a dump file that can only be analyzed later by an expert.

What is the primary reason why blue screen error occurs? How do you solve it?


This is one most know cause of the problem. The drivers usually form nervous system in your system that bridges windows and devices with the communications in the computer. This will happen mostly if your drivers are outdated or they are themselves wrong. This causes windows to go into a tizzy as it tries to perform a task that is call upon. Unfortunately, it ends up to this atrocious error- blue screen error.

Today, there many and complicated devices in a computer and to know the device causing this error can be hectic. It is time consuming even to the experts and users may have no clue. Fortunately, we took very many malfunctioning drivers from different computers and installed them in a software called DriverHub. This software searches for the latest driver that suits any device in your system. It searches from its internet database which is called ‘cloud’ which installs new and latest drivers for your system. The searches are safe and tested to ensure that your computer stability is maintained.


This is another cause of blue screen error in your computer. Registry is a group of instructions and entries which are created by every application or program that is running in your PC. The error comes when the registry is deleted or corrupted which leads to malfunctioning of the programs and software that depends on them to perform various operations.

This can only be fixed by computer experts who are knowledgeable enough to edit registry and repair it. Sometimes, more know knowledge is required more than repairing and if such case happens, there are always two alternatives. One cumbersome and slow way is to use windows system restore by going back to restore point to the date before your system was affected. The only best quick solution is to use FixCleaner which can be downloaded easily I your computer.


The type of memory talked about here is Random Access memory modules- not any other. They are very vital in storing temporary memory that windows require as it performs operations. If this memory if defective, your windows will lose information that was store and once it requires that information in its operations, it will get it and result to blue screen error.

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