Fix Windows 7 Blue Screen of Death (BSOD)

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Windows 7 is largely what Vista should have been. However a lot of new code has been added and, while it is considered more reliable than Vista, it still suffers from the occasional Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) and even the Black Screen of Death!

In some cases the BSODs are caused by conflicts with other software installed, eg, some antivirus packages have been known to cause problems. Typically blue screens are caused by a virus, a device incompatibility or driver error, a temperature problem, a timing error, a resource conflict, hardware failure, or a corrupt registry.

If you spend any time online you definitely need a reputable antivirus program. If you experience blus screens, you should definitely run a complete scan of your computer to ensure that there is no virus, malware or trojan installed. Once you have done that you can be more confident that the problem is being caused by some simple malfunction of hardware or software.

When you get a BSOD, in the lower part of the screen you will see a “STOP” number and, beneath it, the name of the driver or module that was active at the time of the error. Armed with this information you can look up the error code online and see what it means. Then you can try and find a fix for the problem, eg, by finding an updated driver. Typically it is device drivers that cause most blue screens. You may also find it useful to go through the event logs using the Windows Event Viewer to see whether you can find more information related to the cause of the blue screen.

Now, unless you are a pc guru or someone who like going through log files, looking up error codes and deciphering Microsoft instructions to try and fix the problem, this can be a very tedious process and often frustrating. The good news is that there are programs available that will perform a scan of your pc and identify errors such as driver problems or corrupt registry entries. The better ones will automatically fix the common problems and allow you to decide what you want to do to fix other problems.

One program that does this very well is a program called Error Fix. It can scan your hard drive in a couple of minutes and let you know whether it has found any problems. It eliminates a lot of the guess work when it comes to resolving blue screen problems. Obviously it will not fix a problem caused by hardware (eg, some dodgey RAM) but it will eliminate most other causes of errors so that if it is caused by faulty hardware, you are closer to finding the solution.

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