How To Deal With Blue Screen of Death error

Also known as STOP Error, Blue Screen of Death (BSOD) error appears if there is a very serious issue such that Windows must completely stop.  The root is mostly driver or hardware related. Most of the BSODs tend to show STOP code which can be used for figuring out the main cause of Blue Screen of Death error.  After the BSOD, the PC may restart. After the blue screen flashes, the computer may automatically reboot.
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Screen errors: Simple Tips on How to Fix Them

Windows users are familiar with the uncommon Blue Screen of Death or simply known as BSOD. This is an error page that comprises of texts that are confusing and cannot be understood by the user. The background of the op up is peacock blue. It is very embarrassing it comes when you are not expecting it. The system will reboot and you cannot avoid losing the work in the system. This is the worst thing that you cannot wish to happen when in the office or with your personal computer. You can be lucky if the problem will not reoccur after the reboot but most of the time it appears frequently until when you get irritated and realize that they must be an issue with your system.
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